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You have worked for 5 weeks and counted the days until today! Way to go! I am proud of you! I am so excited to see your presentations next Friday!  I know they'll be terrific!!  Today, reflect on this project! The best thing about this project is... The worst thing about this project is... If I had more time, what would...
Posted by cstewart  On Dec 12, 2014 at 8:59 AM 45 Comments
Good Genius Hour day, favorite students!  Can you believe we only have 1 class period after today to be finished??  Where has the time gone? 2 weeks from right now, you'll be presenting!! 1.  Begin class today by setting goals for yourself:  be quick to note them here and get going!   2.  Post the URL's for any new sources you find today and write a blurb about what you found there. 3.  Think about it:  Do you need more time to complete your project?  If so, what will you do extra to finish?  You can come in at lunch (if you don't have L&L for anyone), work during group study hall time, work on your own time, etc.  If you do need more time, write down what you are committing to do to complete your project. 4.  Finally, prioritize:  What must you do before next Genius Hour to complete your project?  Write it here and make a commitment to complete it!! Bring your Passion Project materials to class with you daily in case you finish your assignments!  Happy Friday and happy creating!!  
Posted by cstewart  On Dec 05, 2014 at 8:05 AM 34 Comments
Today I'm trying something new.  Tumblr did not work the way I had hoped...nor did blogging with Google apps...I'm still working on that one...but today we have to be able to reflect...and since I am desperately trying to teach 21st century skills embedded in my class, we are trying yet another way to post electronically! So, here is what you need to leave in the comments: 1. What is your topic?   2.  What product are you creating to share your topic? 3.  What sites did you visit and gather information from today? (Paste URLs here) 4.  What info did each site give you?  (Write a blurb after the URL to remind you) 5.  What did you learn today? (About your topic, yourself, or life) 6.  What will you do with that learning?  What is your next step? Happy researching!  Have an amazing weekend!!
Posted by cstewart  On Nov 21, 2014 at 9:31 AM 46 Comments
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